Novel Real Estate

About us

    Resolving the tasks that our clients require from us we take responsibility for clients welfare and comfort, for successfully completed work, for further collaboration. When looking for home we think of the domestic hearth. When working with business properties cater on the effectiveness of the investment. We guarantee results by shearing the responsibility.
    „Novel Real Estate“ Agency is a member of “Group of Real Estate Agencies” within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia.

Who we are?

     We are young and ambitious.We strongly feel the spirit of the time and always strive to be one step ahead. We want and we can work for you.
     We are always ready to assist our clients in making the best decisions when choosing their future home (house, apartment, etc..) or when choosing their future work place (offices, stores, etc..).We are directed towards the long-term and sincere cooperation with our clients. High level of professionalism and coordinated team are our competitive advantages over the other agencies and also are valuable assets in maintaining an adequate level of quality of our services. At the same time are the key for further growth and development of the agency. Our main goal is to provide you with information about real estate market and to present convenient properties according to your needs. Our job is to save your time.
    We are grateful for the trust and the support to those who chose our Agency as their partner. We welcome our new clients and we are looking towards to productive and mutually beneficial cooperation! We won't say that we are the best: Visit us and you will make sure yourself of the quality of our work.


     Our mission is to put the property in service of your needs. Every client is our main client. We are providing our clients with quality and dedicated services. „Novel Real Estate“ Agency strives to predict the trends in the real estate market and to create new standards of quality.


     Our vision is not only to be a leader in real estate market but to set the standard and provide services where our clients will be able to find their new home fast and save.


    The main values of “Novel Real Estate” Agency are:

  • Trust: Trust is one of the basic values of our agency. The relationship of trust within our team allow us to build a good customized work for our clients and the confidence of clients and partners is a recognition for our professionalism. We strive for confident of our clients when working with us. And strive for our partners always to be able to rely on us.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism in every area of our work is a guarantee for successful collaboration with our clients.
  • Honesty: Honesty and openness help us build long-term and successful relationships with our clients, partners, media.
  • Openness for new experiences and knowledge: We are proud of the high intellectual potential of the company and always strive for new knowledge, never stopping in our development.

Hot Properties

Apartment for sale in Skopje, Taftalidze 1 93 m²
99500 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Debar Maalo 125 m²
650 €
Office for rent in Skopje, Debar Maalo 75 m²
350 €
Office for rent in Skopje, Centar 61 m²
300 €

Latest Properties

Apartment for rent in Skopje, Karposh 1 45 m²
200 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Debar Maalo 89 m²
350 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Aerodrom 47 m²
200 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Kisela Voda 45 m²
0 €

Agencija Novel Nedviznosti: Izdavanje i Prodazba na Stanovi, Kuki, Kat od kuka, Kancelarii, Magacini, Dukani vo Skopje, Makedonija. Dokolku barate stan, kuka, deloven prostor ova e vistinskoto mesto da ja zapocnete vasata potraga.