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    If you are searching for an apartment, house or business premises for rent or sale, our team of experienced agents is always prepared to help you find the property you need.
We are here to help you make the best decision in choosing your next home (apartment, house, etc..) or the best premises for your new business. We have over 8000 properties for rent and sale in our database. Our offer is updated daily ensuring you alway get fresh information about the properties in Skopje area.
You can include 2 types of additional detail in the contact form:
  • Select the properties that best suit your needs and send the list along with your contact details or
  • Send your search criteria ( area, space, number or bedrooms, interior, floor, cost ...) and the time frame that you are planing to stay.
You will be contacted by one of our agents as soon as possible.
Thank you for choosing Novel Real Estate. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hot Properties

House for rent in Skopje, Zhdanec 280 m²
800 €
Apartment for sale in Skopje, Hrom 47 m²
46000 €
Office for rent in Skopje, Karposh 2 244 m²
2440 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Centar 107 m²
600 €

Latest Properties

Apartment for rent in Skopje, Centar - Univerzalna Sala 42 m²
250 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Kapishtec 87 m²
300 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Novo Lisiche 60 m²
200 €
Apartment for rent in Skopje, Ostrovo 72 m²
290 €

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